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Business Intelligence Training Services

BI Knowledge Sharing offers its clients a range of professional business intelligence training services including BI tools such as SAP BusinessObjects Reporting and SAS.
BI Knowledge Sharing concentrates on on-site training. For our clients this training is cost efficient from a minimum of 2 participants.

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The BI Knowledge Sharing Offer

The BI Knowledge Sharing Offer

Traditional Training Sessions
Traditional training sessions are a mix of theoretical explanations, demos and hands-on exercises.

Once users have been introduced to the BI tools and have worked with them over a period of time, new questions will emerge. As a solution to this, BI Knowledge Sharing offers a number of workshops that provide answers to any questions BI tool users may have, in a very informal way.
These workshops can last a whole day or just half a day and cover a range of topics that are relevant to a specific group of attendees. In order to make these workshops as useful and efficient as possible, consultants at BI Knowledge Sharing ask clients to send a list of topics to address during the workshops. All attendees receive a copy of the demos used during the workshop.

BI Knowledge Sharing also offers personal support and coaching 'at your desk'. These sessions result in an important improvement of the performance of the attendees.

Benefits and Added Value for the Client

  • All training materials have been developed in-house, meaning that all the BI Knowledge Sharing trainers are very familiar with the course material.
  • Flexibility: the training can be split over several weeks and does not necessarily have to fall on consecutive days. Training sessions are offered in various languages, including Dutch, French and English.
  • After-training service: after any training session, the participants can contact the teacher(s) with any specific questions or problems they may have. This service is free of charge.
  • Every member of staff has extensive experience in teaching, consultancy, coaching and use of the BI tools. Thanks to this experience, the trainers are able to address an extensive range of questions that are not necessarily related to the training sessions.
  • BI Knowledge Sharing teachers are constantly up to date about the latest evolution and enhancements in business intelligence due to continuous training and active participation in local and international user groups.
  • The BI Knowledge Sharing teachers have proven and solid experience of working with a number of BI tools on various platforms. Training sessions can therefore also provide comparison information and advantages and disadvantages between different releases.

The BI Knowledge Sharing Approach

  • It is essential to understand the target audience: report creators, report consumers or business analysts - they all have different training requirements.
  • BI tools appear much easier when demonstrated by an experienced trainer. It is important that attendees practice using the tools in hands-on sessions. At least 30% of every session is dedicated to the practical use of the BI tools.
  • Course Notes are very important and must be complete. Our course notes are therefore very extensive and are used as reference material by the participants.
  • The demos offered are built on fictitious data. This highlights BI Knowledge Sharing's emphasis on the teaching of the features of the BI tool itself, rather than on the results. This is due to the fact that when company-specifc data is used, not all participants are familiar with that particular data; those participants who on the other hand are familiar with the data, pay too much attention to the results rather than concentrating on the features of the tool.
  • Customizations: depending on the client's preferences, the course notes and the training session content can be tailored to their individual needs and adapted in different ways:
    • Using the standard chapters from the standard course notes.
    • Exercises on company specific data.
    • Demos on company specific data.
    • Full course notes on company specific data.